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Stage lighting, sound and communications, stage engineering and draperies for Irwin Hall to design of Theatre Projects Consultants. Systems included 80 channel lighting control, 16 winch and hemp suspension sets, sound reinforcement and communications consisting of ring intercom, show relay and paging. Supply of stage lighting, control, dimming and rigging equipment through main contractor, Daewoo Corporation of Korea.

Systems consisted of Zero 88 dimmers, custom built DMX controlled contactor rack, Strand control desks, custom built Quartzcolour luminaires with Power Gems ballast units, Balcar fluorescent luminaires, ETC conventional luminaires and custom built Tempest outdoor environmental housings for a variety of fixtures and ballasts. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of 49no kg self climbing aluminium trusses, with either 11m or 16m travel, and 33no kg four line lineshaft hoists with 16m travel all under multi-operator control.

Self climbing trusses support effects and emergency lighting, while lineshaft hoists support 5m x 5m diffused LED light panels. Glantre also provided cable management for the machines, consisting of compact folding cable chains for the trusses and combined power and data cable reels for the LED panels.

Lineshaft machines are able to be sent to programmed positions, either in groups or individually, with presets able to be recalled from memory. Moving and static lighting effects including eight Golden Scans complete with ShowCad control and 3. Lighting, control and suspension systems for sq m studio for ARA under sub- contract to Saudi Oger. Equipment includes 24 studio hoists with control system, Quartzcolour luminaires, 24 scrollers, 6kW EC90SV dimmers, Strand control console, cyclorama tracks and cloths.

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Lighting and sound systems supplied under two separate contracts for the National Festivals and Cultural Heritage project at Janadriyah The lighting includes a Strand GSX console with LD90 dimmers and luminaires The audio contract included acoustical studies together with design and supply of a complete system. Integrated AV systems for media centre, auditorium and eight training centres located in Riyadh, Dharan and Khamis Mushayt under six separate sub-contracts to Saudi Specialist Construction Ltd.

The Media Centre comprises a three-camera studio of 85 sq m with Betacam recording and post production facilities including a Spaceward Rodon 3D computer graphics system. Lighting includes a fixed grid with pantographs, Quartzcolor luminaires, control and dimmers. The Auditorium features a video presentation system with large screen projector and Crestron touch screen controls, delegate conference system, electroacoustic and communications systems, stage and auditorium lighting and stage equipment.

The various training rooms include video, audio, projection, customised Creston touch-screen and further controls. Automated video and audio facilities for five separate display areas in the Museum under sub-contract to Al-Medyan Establishment. Sound includes a Community loudspeaker cluster, radio microphones and conference microphone system. Conference microphone, simultaneous translation, sound reinforcement lighting and projection for Conference Hall.

Conference system installation including microphone management for delegates with 14 language simultaneous interpretation. Also large screen video projection, slide projection, sound reinforcement and PA. Three separate contracts covered the Ceremonial Hall, TV studio and architectural lighting control systems. The TV studio package included control, dimmers, luminaires, track and barrel grid. Stage engineering contract with complex hydraulic lift system with 2 primary and 12 secondary stage lifts, orchestra lift, motorised rigging sets, safety curtain, seating platforms, lighting bridges, projection screen, controls, power distribution, stage flooring and drapes.

Making Late Night TV - Part 2: Lighting + Rigging + Camera

Strand Galaxy lighting consoles, dimmers, and luminaires for two auditoria. Conference Hall microphone, simultaneous translation, sound and stage lighting systems. Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat Television studio track grid, luminaires, controls, dimmers and electrical installation under sub-contract to local company MJT. Hemispherical dome structure with stepping motors for control of platform rotation and viewing slot shutters under contract to Diwan of Royal Court Affairs.

Complete systems package including high quality sound system with multi-track recording, communications, stage lighting, rigging and scissor type forestage lift.

Stage engineering systems and complete furnishings under contract to Ministry of National Heritage and Culture. Contract included steelwork for roof trusses, grid, galleries and cat-ladders, safety curtain, counterweight rigging, curtain tracks and audience seating as well as general furnishings, custom joinery and Works of Art for the complete centre. Low current hotel systems for major refurbishment project. Scope included Philips central sound and television distribution with guest room bedhead panels and TV receivers. Oman Technical and Industrial College, Muscat.

Stage lighting, sound, communications, projection and rigging systems for seat multi-purpose auditorium to design of Consultants Huckle and Partners, under sub-contract to Al-Hamad Contracting Company. The contract covered Cabinet Room conference, sound and recording systems and Lecture Theatre systems comprising sound reinforcement, 10 winch suspension sets, curtains and tracks, projection screen, stage lighting and control, cine, video and slide projection.

Rehearsal Hall, stage lighting and control together with Soundcraft Series audio mixing console with full sound reinforcement and recording systems. Sound mixing and reinforcement systems for practice room and complete sound recording studio including sophisticated digital and analogue recording equipment by Harrison and Studer. Three major sub-contracts for hotel and conference systems, stage engineering and stage lighting. Theatre systems for the seat Oman Auditorium included an hydraulically powered orchestra lift, safety curtain, 27 counterweight suspension sets, stage galleries and ladders, variable proscenium, projection screen, stage drapes and tracks, cyclorama, concert acoustic shell, rostra, stage flooring, auditorium lighting bridges, motorised flaps, chandelier hoists, access equipment and scenery accessories.

Stage lighting included an 80 channel control system and dimmers, auditorium and TV lighting dimmers, luminaires, accessories, worklights and facilities panels.

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Conference systems for the Oman Auditorium, Special Conference Hall and four additional meeting rooms provided facilities for sound mixing and reinforcement, conference microphone, voting and display, simultaneous interpretation, voice logging, communications, cine, video and slide projection. In addition, hotel systems included an extension PABX, MATV and in-house movie, sound, paging and emergency paging, hotel computer system with software, CCTV, pocket paging, bathroom alarm, information display and intercoms.

Design, supply and commissioning of stage rigging and machinery systems including 17 counterweight sets, 8 motorised hoists, tracks, drapes, large format projection screen and concert acoustic shell. Work carried out for Istanbul Municipality under contract to general contractor, Kayalar. Complete theatre systems package in partnership with local company, Nefan Ticaret. Stage engineering includes double purchase counterweight and winch operated suspension sets together with a roller type safety curtain, projection screens, drapes and tracks.

Installation of studio lighting control, dimmers, luminaires, electrical distribution, suspension system and cyclorama. Womens Union Building, Abu Dhabi.

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Design, supply and installation of sound, lighting, projection and stage curtains for seat auditorium. Sound reinforcement includes Soundcraft mixer, Carver amplifiers and Community loudspeakers. Chamber of Commerce Building, Dubai. Audio systems cover sound reinforcement, PA, conference microphone management, simultaneous interpretation and communications.

Video includes large screen projection, editing, replay and MATV network. Other equipment consists of stage rigging, curtains and tracks, lighting, film and slide projection while full electrical installation is provided. Consultants — Nikken Sekkei, Japan. Officers Club Theatre, Abu Dhabi. Systems package for seat fully equipped theatre. Rigging systems include 34 counterweight and 4 electrically operated rigging sets. Stage equipment also covers safety curtain, revolve, screwjack orchestra lift, projection screen, tracks, drapes and cyclorama. Lighting control, dimmer racks and luminaires.

If we consider this a win for interactive video as an arguable branch of video games, it raises some questions: Are we seeing a resurgence for such a category? And if so, what value could it have for platforms like Netflix? To maintain its leading position Sony is focusing its PlayStation Now strategy: slashing its price, improving its content and spending a significant sum on marketing to boost adoption.

Having operated PS Now since , Sony believes it is the right time to enter a more expansive phase for its subscription service. IHS in the News.

Online viewing gains momentum, driven by non-linear TV Mediapost. E3 Microsoft strikes first in video game console battle with Xbox successor in Usatoday. Sony's deal with Microsoft blindsided its own PlayStation team Bloomberg. Microsoft and Sony team up for video games in the cloud, but what's it mean for gamers? Netflix is still the king of streaming Edition.

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